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Did you know that Papillions have bad teeth? Sometimes they have to have them removed and their tongue hangs out!

Rosy Posy wishes a Happy Tongue Out Tuesday!

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Rosy Posy Blue and Collage

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Rosy Posy Papillion, Abu the black pony, Raoul the ant, Jamal the ram, Circe the duck, Ailani the frog and Yukiko the goat – singing the Friendship song.

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“The illustrations are beautiful and unique, unlike anything I’ve seen before. I highly recommend this book to other parents, especially those whose kids are at the age where they are learning to socialize with other children.”                M.F.

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Do you love to sing?  Rosy Posy does too!
For the words to the FRIENDSHIP SONG click —> ~ The Adventures of Rosy Posy FRIENDSHIP SONG








Rosy Posy is Happy to Meet You!

RosyPosyNice to Meet You

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 Rosy Posy loves to read her favorite book over and over again!

Nice to Meet You with book

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