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    Hey everyone, welcome back to yet another fun-filled episode of the Reading with Your Kids Podcast. Our guest today is probably best known as pharmacist but she is much more than just that.  She is a full-time writer, editor, award-winning teacher and the author of The Adventures of Rosy Posy: Friendship – a children’s series. Please welcome Dr. Diana Rangaves to the RWYK podcast!

    In our exciting interview today, we discuss The Adventures of Rosy Posy: Friendship , What inspired Dr. Rangaves to write her first children’s book, How can parents use her book as a tool to start some meaningful conversation with their child, her adult books, upcoming books in her children’s series and much more.

    Overall, there is a lot of incredible knowledge shared and insight to Dr. Rangaves’s life and what motivates her to create great content for people. Tune in as Dr. Rangaves talks about her positive, warm, child-centered & fun book!

    In this episode, we discussed

    • More about The Adventures of Rosy Posy Papillion,  Inspiration for the title and story of this book
    • How does this book help children and parents
    • Dr. Rangaves talks about donating 100% of her royalties from the book and what made her decide to give her earnings from the series to Pap Haven Rescue?
    • What kind of conversations parents and kids can have after reading this book
    • Dr. Rangaves shares some great tips and advise on parenting such teaching kids about bullying and standing up for people who are in need.
    • What adventure is next for Rosy Posy and much more. Be sure to tune in to this insightful episode!


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