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Michael Reynoso Book Review of The Adventures of Rosy Posy Papillion ” I believe that each character is created equally and they teach children valuable life lessons about the value of friendship. If I were to grade this book, I will give it an A+ for originality and concept.”


Reviewed by Lu Ann Worley

This is a new children’s values series! Greatly needed in today’s society.

This is a fun new Children’s book series on instilling correct values in children at an early age. The adorably portrayed Rosy Posy is certain to “wiggle” it’s way into the hearts of children. Rosy Posy invites all animals she encounters to be her friend, regardless of size or environment.

The illustration of the animals are cute, done in water color style by illustrator Tatiana Minina. The animals faces portray many emotions…..Each new encounter is accompanied by the same rhyming song.

This could be the beginning of a popular, new trend. If one visits the website, there is even a Fan Club little ones can join.

I offer a Four Stars rating for this book. This was gifted with the understanding it will not affect this review. This is my honest review.

Lu Ann Worley, Rockin’ Books Review  



Reviewed by Ronald Hull  

 Our 4 legged friends need love too

You are truly a multitasker. It’s a wonder that you have time to write at all. What I found most interesting was that you work with a “legitimate” publisher. Probably through your nonfiction writing about health issues, you were picked up by a publisher and therefore, had a way to begin publishing fiction. The whole tenor and tone of this article is a promotional piece by a publisher written in the third person and perhaps, not even by you.

I always believe in the cliché, “cream rises to the top.” The avenues to publishing and presenting work to the public is changing rapidly. Like always, with luck and exposure, the best will eventually shine.

You have a niche that appeals to two avid groups: parents buying children’s books and dog lovers.

Ronald W. Hull, author of The Kaleidoscope Effect, War’s End, American Mole: The Vespers, Alone? and his autobiography, Hanging by a Thread.  

Reviewed by Sonoma County Gazette
BOOK REVIEW: New Children’s Book with More Integrity than Most Politicians
The Adventures of Rosy Posy Papillion: Friendship is the first in a new children’s book series that addresses values that are important for future generations.

Raising well-rounded children who are decent people that contribute to society is getting more and more challenging in today’s world.  

Based on the real K-9 herself, in the first book……

Reviewed by Los Angeles Independent  ~ Jerome Cleary BOOK REVIEW: New children’s book author gives back to dog rescue

“The Adventures of Rosy Posy Papillion: Friendship” by Diana Rangaves revolves around the concept and value of friendship.

It is a children’s book, featuring Rosy Posy and Raoul the ant. Rosy asks Raoul if he will be her friend. Raoul thinks he is too small to be Rosy Posy’s friend and she will hurt him. He agrees to ride on the top of Rosy Posy’s head. Rosy Posy and Raoul sit on the green grass and sing the friendship song.

As they sit on the grass, Rosy Posy sees Abu, the black pony. Abu says he is too busy to hang out with Raoul and Rosy Posy. Will Raoul and Rosy Posy make more new friends?

The story is entertaining and children will love all the characters in the story. The illustrations simply make the concept; the message, scenes and characters are brought to life, enabling children to connect well with the story.  The friendship song is adorable and….






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