Rosy Posy Papillion’s Pedigree in Values

The Rosy Posy series was created with young readers in mind to teach values we all use every day in life.

Whether you’re a new parent wanting a book with vivid illustrations and a
calming story to read to your baby…

If your child is just starting their journey into reading and you want an easy reader
that also has valuable lessons to instill but is still fun…


The Adventures of Rosy Posy Papillion has that and more to offer your growing family.


“A charming adventure story with a variety of animals that shows the importance of diversity, friendship, teamwork, and compassion.”  J.W.  – Amazon Review


We all want the best for our future leaders and great thinkers of tomorrow.

What you can expect from The Values Series:

– Universal values that are acceptable anywhere in the world
– Lessons in sharing
– Early communication skills – listening and speech
– Teachable moments
– Building strong family bonds
– And the early development of ethics

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Rosy Posy does her best to be good to everyone she meets.

Along with your parental guidance, your child will have the tools essential for developing lifelong, healthy relationships from the very start.

“A fabulous gift, a wonderful read, a loving sharing moment with a youngster.”  Amazon Customer

My children loved the Friendship song and remembered the words! They were singing it in the garage. More stories like this one, please.”   Amazon Review


Did you know, the author donates 100% of her royalties to Pap Haven Rescue?
They’re responsible for helping many Papillion dogs, and mixes find foster and forever homes.
Rosy Posy even found her forever home through Pap Haven Rescue. She asked
her lady to help the rest of her friends find homes too.
To find out more about Pap Haven click on their name.
Pap haven rescue, papillions, rosy posy, children's books, early reader, reading to children

Rosy Posy (far right) with her friends from Pap Haven Rescue.

Share your photos with us kids and families reading the book or with your pets! Use the hashtag #RosyPosyPower #TongueOutTuesdays

Did you know? Papillons are not only known for their butterfly ears, but for having their tongue hang out after having their bad teeth pulled.  #papillons

Simone Tongue OutOh, we can see it!

BUY NOW at Amazon or Barnes and Noble

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For licensing and usage, please contact Diana at drangaves@dianarangaves.com

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