Rosy Posy’s Fun Club

Rosy Posy the Amazing, Brave, and Curious Papillion!

Do you know what Papillion means?
Papillion is a French word for Butterfly!

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Rosy Posy loves hanging out with you.

Can you guess why dogs that look like Rosy Posy are called Papillions?

Get to know some of Rosy Posy’s friends

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Rosy Posy really does love smiling with her eyes closed!


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Frosty the goat is played by “Yukiko.” Do you think they look alike?

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Apache the pony is the real life Abu from The Adventures of Rosy Posy Papillion.

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Max the Barbados ram likes to eat outside of the dish. He’s played by Jamal in The Adventures of Rosy Posy: Friendship

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Life is good. Bijou(left) and Simone getting some rest after playing with Rosy Posy all day long.

Want to play a game?

Rosy Posy’s Treasure Hunt

Rosy Posy loves to find things. She has even hidden some things for you to find around here…somewhere on this website.

Can you find them?

1st clue:   Find the picture of “the lady’s” feet.
Look for the next clue under the picture!
Want more of Rosy Posy and Friends? Ask for her new book: The Adventures of Rosy Posy Papillion: Friendship.
Have a grown-up to help you find it.
Rosy Posy has more books coming soon. Don’t miss them!
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Rosy Posy had a long day, she likes to unwind with a bubble bath to relax.



free rosy posy song pdf

Rosy Posy has something cool for you to decorate your room with! Want to sing the “Friendship” song? Here’s a FREE mini poster for you to learn the words!