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Rosy Posy has great adventures with her friends.  Rosy Posy loves learning new things.  She’s a smart, curious, and friendly Papillion!

Do you love to sing?  Rosy Posy does too!

Follow Rosy Posy Power and learn the words to the FRIENDSHIP Song  click here!


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Rosy Posy Papillion, Abu the black pony, Raoul the ant, Jamal the ram, Circe the duck, Ailani the frog and Yukiko the goat – singing the Friendship song.

Kids Go To —-> Rosy Posy’s Play Area

Grown-Ups See —-> Rosy Posy’s Pedigree

“The illustrations are beautiful and unique, unlike anything I’ve seen before. I highly recommend this book to other parents, especially those whose kids are at the age where they are learning to socialize with other children.”                M.F.

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The Adventures of Rosy Posy Papillion ~ A Children’s Values Series by Diana Rangaves

Illustrated by Tatiana Minina

Rosy Posy’s first storybook is out NOW! Read along as Rosy Posy has her first adventure learning valuable life lessons. 

She finds out just how important it is to make friends and how much they all depend on each other when in need.

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