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Teaches the value of friendship
This is a sweet story that teaches kids that friends come in all sizes, shapes and colors. You should never underestimate the value of friends. Even though you may not be close friends, friends rally in a time of need.”
Friendship Song
“This is a positive message that we all can be reminded of. Rosy and her friends are adorable. My children loved the Friendship song and remembered the words! They were singing it in the garage. More stories like this one, please. Rosy Posy (The Values Series)
Friends come in all shapes and sizes
“Rosy Posy makes friends with other animals of all shapes, sizes and personalities on her humorous adventure (my favorite was the ant). It’s a fun read-aloud, complete with a song that weaves in and out of the story. The illustrations are engaging, with gentle colors and just the right amount of detail. Looking forward to the next one!”
Five Stars
“A charming adventure story with a variety of animals that shows the importance of diversity, friendship, teamwork, and compassion.”
A delightful story on the priceless value of friendship. A must read to your children.
“The Adventures of Rosy Posy Papillion: Friendship – a delightful story of adventure and more between “critters” (furry, feathered and in between). The animal characters are simple but wonderful. The song of “We are friends, buddies to the end” is addictive and sends a strong message to children on the priceless value of friendship. The art work and colors are charming. A must read for your children!”
Sweet child’s book
“A very cute book with a life lesson in friendship; if you have a child or a grandchild this is a must have book.”
“A fabulous gift, a wonderful read, a loving sharing moment with a youngster.”
Today world everybody can learn from it and be a better person. I would highly recommend for everyone
“It is a special and cute book for children and adult as well. Today world everybody can learn from it and be a better person. I would highly recommend for everyone!!!”
Loved this book
“I am a kid at heart. …Easy read for kids. Enjoyed the story to teach and show kids the value of friends and friendship no matter whom. Illustrations are wonderful, so cute and colorful.”
Five Stars
“Wonderful Book to Show Children the meaning of Friendship!”
Good children’s book
“A good book for children. Learning about friendships at a level for children and entertaining is a real plus. I’m getting this for my nephews and I am sure it will be a hit.”




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